Lori Gonzalez, The RayNa Corporation

“I am a huge fan of what PerfectIt does. It fixes small errors that are easy to make and much harder to catch.”

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Robert Ambrogi, LawSites

“I may never again send out a document without first running PerfectIt.”

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Megan E. Boyd, Lady (Legal) Writer

“PerfectIt’s functions far exceed those available through Word's generic spelling and grammar checker.”

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“We are judged on our precision, accuracy, and clarity. PerfectIt flags in seconds what hours of human proofreading would likely miss.”

D. Casey Flaherty, Principal, Procertas

Rebecca Phalen, Legal researcher. Legal writer. Attorney-at-law.

“It’s a quick and easy tool to use. PerfectIt saves me time, saves my clients money, and results in a better brief.”

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Jonathan R. Tung, Technologist: The FindLaw Technology Blog

“One of the best investments you can make at your firm.”

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Richard C. Belthoff Jr., LitigationWorld

“Both litigators and transactional lawyers will find PerfectIt useful.”

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“I always recommend PerfectIt to legal professionals for their document work. I love how it finds inconsistencies and cleans up errors.”

Adriana Linares, Founder and Consultant, LawTech Partners

Nick Critelli, Barrister and Attorney at Law, CritelliLaw

“PerfectIt scours documents like a professional legal secretary and finds technical punctuation and legal style issues.”

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Heidi Alexander, ABA Law Practice

“A huge win for any litigator.”

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Philip Thomas, MS Litigation Review and Commentary

“PerfectIt reduces proofreading time for the drafter. It was programmed by lawyers and knows the Bluebook.”

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“I work with thousands of lawyers, and I'm amazed by how many of them swear by PerfectIt. It's a great resource.”

Larry Port, CEO, Rocket Matter

Jeff Auerbach, Partner, AuerbachSchrot

“Without PerfectIt, we could not prepare our patent applications without incurring extra costs in correcting errors.”

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Shawn Wanta, Partner, Baillon Thome Jozwiak & Wanta

“PerfectIt gives me peace of mind because it finds more than any lawyer can with a manual review.”

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Braden Perry, Partner, Kennyhertz Perry

“PerfectIt is the most robust proofreading and editing program that I’ve found on the market.”

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“PerfectIt is my go-to app for double checking my legal writing after I’ve written a brief, pleading, or even discovery requests.”

Mackenzie Dunham, Executive Director, Access Justice Houston

Colin S. Levy, Corporate Counsel, Salary.com, Colin S. Levy

“I use PerfectIt every day. It continues to prove itself time and time again the best add-on for Word for proofreading that I have found. Given how much of my time I spend writing, it is truly indispensable.”

Catherine Reach, Director, LPM & Technology, Chicago Bar Association

“PerfectIt can help a lawyer focus on editing for substance and meaning. It’s difficult to edit your own documents – take all the help you can get!”

Scott Bassett, Michigan Virtual Law Practice

“Designed for legal writing and does a great job of finding inconsistencies in word usage, format, and style that Word’s built-in functions miss.”

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“I use PerfectIt at the end of every document I create. It saves me an hour or more each time that I use it.”

Heather Fathali, Immigration Attorney, Cascadia Cross-Border Law

Find consistency errors automatically with PerfectIt