“Quite frankly, I don’t send anything out without running it by PerfectIt. It just doesn't make sense to do it any other way.”

Giugi Carminati, Carminati Law PLLC


Level the playing field between BigLaw and a new solo practitioner dedicated to increasing access to justice for women and marginalized people.


Use PerfectIt to attend to details in her documents, while she focuses on providing compassionate service to her clients.

Carminati Law PLLC -The Woman’s Lawyer

Giugi is the founder of Carminati Law PLLC, also known as The Woman’s Lawyer. She was an editor of the Houston Law Review and hails from an AmLaw 200 firm. Now, Giugi is reimagining the practice of law as she intentionally transitions her practice from commercial litigation to women’s advocacy. She believes that her success is bound up with the success of all women and marginalized peoples, so she strives to provide outstanding legal services at all stages of each client’s journey to justice. The firm’s mission is to even the legal services playing field between those who have power and those who do not.

Giugi was the expert writer for her litigation team at her AmLaw 200 firm, where she was rigorously trained to write with precision and perfection. When she launched her own firm, she remained dedicated to that high-quality standard, but lacked the word processing staff necessary to make it happen. Giugi needed to find a way to affordably provide top service while meeting her goals of increasing access to justice for women and marginalized peoples.

BigLaw Precision with Small Law Resources

Before striking out on her own, Giugi was a BigLaw associate in a commercial litigation group for five years, which is where she was trained to write. Coming from a world where partner billing rates could exceed $1,000 per hour, she was taught that typos and formatting errors were inexcusable. As a result, written work-product was reviewed rigorously and the standards were exceedingly high. There was no room for error.

This is where Giugi became dedicated to the quest for written perfection and accustomed to all-nighters. Although the demands and the training were brutal (and she no longer works through the night), she remains dedicated to applying those high standards in her solo practice.

That’s where PerfectIt comes in. To balance her dedication to serving every client with integrity and understanding with the realities that providing BigLaw quality legal services requires a lot of time and overhead, Giugi sought solutions that would allow her to be a focused advocate, while staying efficient and effective. The goal is to continue producing polished work, at a reasonable cost, while continuing to connect with clients on a human level.

“I use PerfectIt because it’s like having another set of eyes to review my briefs and it gives me confidence that my work meets the high standards of my BigLaw and law review training, without having a secretary, paralegal, or junior associate to review my work.”

Today, Giugi remains the strongest and fastest writer available on any litigation team. But that reputation has earned her the unenviable task of being the lead draftsperson on several motions and briefs all due at once. “It’s a challenge to give each piece the attention to detail that perfection demands,” she admits. “Catching every typo, undefined term, missing word, or stray parenthetical requires mental focus that wanes as the hours go by. PerfectIt has been instrumental in allowing me to maintain high productivity while consistently delivering top quality work.”

When she has done as much as she can with a document, she runs PerfectIt. By doing that, she is confident that any typos that distract from the substance of the document are caught and corrected. With PerfectIt, Giugi is sure that her work meets high standards and that any minor issues were properly addressed.

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