User Guides

PerfectIt Basics

PerfectIt does not require any training. The demo video shows how easy it is to get started.


User Guides

These guides cover the basics of using PerfectIt as well as helping users to get more from the program by taking advantage of its advanced features.

PerfectIt 4

For users running Word 2007 or above on a Windows PC:

  • Getting Started with PerfectIt 4 explains how to start using PerfectIt 4, how to fix errors with PerfectIt, and the user preferences that allow you to customize how the checks are run.
  • Working with PerfectIt 4 Style Sheets explains how to customize or build your own style sheets so that you can use PerfectIt to automatically check your organization's house style.
  • Understanding PerfectIt's Checks gives an in-depth explanation of each of PerfectIt's checks, along with examples and customization options.

PerfectIt Cloud

For users running Office 2016 or above on any device: