How do I share my PerfectIt style with my organization?

If you're an enterprise user you can share your custom style with your organization via the Style Manager in the Members Area of the Intelligent Editing website.

Export Your Custom Style

The first step is to export your custom style from PerfectIt. Click 'Manage Styles' in the PerfectIt 5 tab:

Click Manage Styles in the PerfectIt4 tab

Select the style you wish to export from the 'Current style sheet' dropdown list, and click 'Export':

Select style and click Export

Choose whether you want to allow the users you share your style with to edit it or not:

Choose whether to allow users to edit the style

Choose a filename and location, and click 'Save'.

Upload Your Custom Style to the Style Manager

Log in to the Members Area of the Intelligent Editing website and click on the 'Style Manager' tab:

Click on the Style Manager tab

Either click the 'Upload Style Files' button and select the style you wish to share, or drag the file into the 'Upload Style Files' area. You can upload multiple styles at a time.

Once the style has finished uploading it will appear at the bottom of the page:

Uploaded styles are listed at the bottom of the page

From here you can set the default style for your organization – details of how to do that can be found here.

Download Your Custom Installer Package

Click on the 'Installer' tab. Download either the per-machine installer or the per-user installer according to your requirements.

Click on the Installer tab and download the installer

Unzip the downloaded folder and follow the instructions in 'Enterprise Installer Instructions for PerfectIt 5.docx' to install PerfectIt.

The custom installer package