Introducing New PerfectIt Subscriptions

by Daniel Heuman, Founder and CEO of PerfectIt

Today we are announcing new product options and a pricing update for PerfectIt. For most users, this is our first price change since 2018 and only our second price change since we launched PerfectIt 13 years ago. That’s right, PerfectIt is now a teenager!

The decision to change pricing reflects the substantial innovations we have made to PerfectIt in recent years, delivering greater value and huge savings in time and resources to our customers.

These include:

Until now, we’ve also never adjusted PerfectIt’s price for inflation. It’s not realistic for us to keep it that way any longer. However, we recognize that small and independent businesses have made PerfectIt the widely valued tool it is today. And we know how squeezed those businesses are right now. So we have structured our price changes to minimize impact on individual and small business license-holders, while simultaneously offering enhanced options for those who need them.

For our corporate customers (and individuals who choose them), we’re adding premium products and services, including a PowerPoint version of PerfectIt and individualized training packages to suit the needs of big teams. Here’s how that looks.

New Pricing Tiers

PerfectIt Pricing Model
To enlarge text, see the pricing page here

Affinity Discounts Get Even Bigger

Although headline prices are a little higher, the discount we offer to individual subscribers who are members of professional associations is going up with it too. The same goes for all individuals who purchased before 2018. So even though the price says it’s $90 per year, members of societies such as ACES, CIEP, AMWA, APMP, IPEd and many others will always have at least a 30% discount.

Protecting Your Data

While many companies keep their prices low and do nefarious things with user data, PerfectIt doesn’t do that. Our price change ensures we can keep PerfectIt exactly the way it is. The Windows version of PerfectIt does not connect to the internet or local network in any way. It does not transmit any data anywhere. The Cloud version is secure, and no one gets access to your document.

A Cheaper Pricing Tier for Cloud Users

We’re enormously proud of the changes in PerfectIt since 2018. PerfectIt is better, faster, and our support has improved immensely. When you count in for inflation and our affinity discounts, most users may not even notice there has been a price change. However, there is one group that we haven’t solved enough for yet. We’ve improved the Cloud version more than people realize. We know, though, that users still need more. So Mac users who run PerfectIt Cloud only will continue to pay the old price (that’s a price decrease in inflation-adjusted terms) until we build in customization capabilities and make functionality with large documents better than it is today. The link to get that price is here.

More Convenient Billing for Everyone

We’ve finally introduced auto-renewal. You won’t have to sign up for multiple years just to avoid the annual nuisance of the checkout. However, since the Windows edition of PerfectIt does not connect to the internet, you will still need to enter a license key after renewal. If you prefer to purchase for just a year at a time, that’s easy. You can simply cancel auto-renewal with these instructions and your subscription will continue until the end of your year.

Ready for the Future

In addition to a version for PowerPoint, we’re getting ready to launch a new website at And now that there are more of us working on PerfectIt, you can expect a lot of other improvements too. Teenagers may have a reputation for being challenging, but they are more capable than the children they once were, and if you have a serious project to do they are a lot better to work with. PerfectIt is going to be the best kind of teenager!

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