Free E-Book: The Lawyer's Guide to MS Word Training and Resources

Technology competence is a requirement for all lawyers. It starts with learning to use the software that everyone uses: MS Word. Legal professionals do complex work in MS Word, but many don’t learn to use its advanced functionality. With a little bit of learning, it can be done more efficiently and without the frustration.

Because we’re passionate about improving use of MS Word, legal writing, ethics, and technology, we keep a list of articles, blogs, on-demand CLEs, companies, and products that help lawyers use MS Word better. In the Lawyer’s Guide to MS Word Training and Resources, we focus on free, low cost, and tiny tech solutions.

It can be a challenge to discover solutions, receive training, and develop technology wisdom. It’s daunting to open MS Word and try to play with functionality on your own. This document is designed to help you overcome some of these hurdles.

In the Lawyer’s Guide to MS Word Training and Resources, you will find:

  • A quick reference to translate task descriptions from legal language to Microsoft terminology so that you can find the help you’re seeking;
  • Legal-specific articles and blog posts to help you solve common problems and utilize built-in MS Word tools;
  • A discussion of add-ins to help you supercharge your use of MS Word; and
  • Links to training and assessment programs, CLEs, and other e-learning resources.


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Give Your Microsoft Word a Legal Education