About Us

Our Philosophy

“We believe that humans make the best editing decisions and that they always will. We build technology to help people edit faster and better.”

Our Story

PerfectIt is designed for professionals who work with words by professionals who work with words.

Our story began with the writing, reviewing, and endless checking of reports and proposals that work in consultancy requires. After eight years of checking text manually, Daniel Heuman realized there must be a better approach. He set out to create a tool that could help professionals to edit faster and better, but would still let you write your way. After years of development and testing, Daniel launched PerfectIt in March 2009.

Since then, PerfectIt has grown, becoming more powerful and sophisticated. Its development has been driven by feedback from editors and proofreaders from professional societies worldwide. In addition to checking consistency, editors helped to add styles that extended PerfectIt’s functionality. As editors improved the product, its market grew to include science writers, lawyers, engineers, marketers, proposal writers, technical writers, translators and more.

In 2015, following the success of PerfectIt 3, Intelligent Editing grew to include a team of professional developers as well as a director to expand into the legal sector. The software continues to evolve, with PerfectIt Cloud (2018) bringing Mac-compatible checking for the first time as well as PerfectIt 4 (2019) adding faster speed and more customization capabilities.

About PerfectIt

PerfectIt is an MS Word add-in that helps you proofread your documents. It finds difficult-to-locate errors, improves your text, and saves you valuable time. PerfectIt works with US, UK, Canadian, Australian and all other international types of English. It finds consistency mistakes and can be customized to check any style manual. PerfectIt has become the leading software for professional editors with more than 6000 users in 72 countries, including governments, transnational institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

About Intelligent Editing

Intelligent Editing is entirely staff-owned and operated. Headquartered in London, our small team works throughout the United Kingdom and the United States. Our leadership team are:

Daniel Heuman

Daniel Heuman,

New York

Daniel developed the original version of PerfectIt, and now runs our sales, marketing and customer support.

Tom Waddell

Tom Waddell,
Chief Engineer

Isle of Wight, UK

Tom transformed PerfectIt to run in the Cloud and continues to add new checks and features to improve its checking.

Ivy Grey

Ivy Grey,
Adviser, Legal Sector


Ivy adapted PerfectIt for lawyers and is the author of American Legal Style as well as our legal blog.


Intelligent Editing is a registered UK company (company number 6262382, 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE).

PerfectIt is compatible with Windows 10 and Office 365.