Download Setup.exe


If the download does not start automatically, click here.
Install PerfectIt


Run 'setup.exe' and follow the installer instructions.
Open PerfetIt from MS Word


Launch PerfectIt from the 'PerfectIt' menu in MS Word.
  • The 'Save As' dialog should open automatically.
  • Choose a place to save the installer (setup.exe) and click 'OK'. Put it somewhere you can find easily, such as the Desktop or Downloads folder.
  • Save as dialogue
    Example shown from the chrome browser
  • 💡 Alternatively, you can also run the installer without saving it first.
  • Locate the installer (setup.exe) in the folder where you downloaded it.
  • Run the file (usually double-click) and then follow the instructions in the setup wizard. If you can't find the file, try downloading it again and choosing Desktop as your save location. It should appear there within a few seconds of downloading.
  • When it completes, click 'Close' to launch the Getting Started guide in MS Word.
  • 💡 You can learn to use PerfectIt by running it on the Getting Started guide in MS Word.
  • Click to see how the installer launches MS Word.
  • ⚠ Problems? If you're running from a company server, or if you have any other problem installing, this alternative installation file (MSI format) will solve it
  1. 💡 By default, MS Word will open automatically when the installer completes.
  2. Click on the PerfectIt menu item in the Ribbon/Toolbar.
  3. Choose 'Launch PerfectIt'.
  4. Click 'Start' to check your document.
  5. Click to see how to launch PerfectIt in MS Word.
Save as dialogue installing PerfectIt to MS Word animation of opening PerfectIt in MS Word