Keyboard Controls


Using the Keyboard

One of the fastest ways to control PerfectIt 4 is with the keyboard. However, since the keyboard is simultaneously needed to edit your document, you need to switch between PerfectIt and your document as you work. You can use the F6 key on your keyboard to switch between those two modes.

Press F6 when PerfectIt 4 is running, and it will accept keyboard input. A small picture of a keyboard will appear in PerfectIt to confirm that it is accepting keyboard inputs. To switch keyboard control back to your document, press F6 again (or press any other key that PerfectIt doesn’t recognize).

The keyboard controls for PerfectIt while it’s editing are:


Next error


Back to the previous error


Jump to the next check


Toggle preferred version

F1 or H



Fix current location


Fix all locations


Undo fix at current location

Space or Return

Press active button

Down arrow

Go to next item in list of locations

Up arrow

Go to previous item in list of locations

You can see keyboard controls as you work if you enable keyboard visuals in Windows. To do that:

  • Open Control Panel in Windows and choose Ease of Access Center.

  • Click Make the keyboard easier to use.

  • Tick the box for Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys.

  • Press OK.