What is the difference between PerfectIt Cloud and PerfectIt 3?

PerfectIt Cloud runs on any platform that has Office 2016 (Mac, PC, iPad or Word Online). With PerfectIt Cloud, checking is carried out on a server. With most broadband or wi-fi connections, you won’t notice any delay. You will notice that it’s easier to install and use it. To use it, just add it from the Microsoft Office Store. The interface is simpler than PerfectIt 3. And it saves time because you can fix any location with just one click.

PerfectIt 3 is for PCs with Windows only. It works with any version of MS Word. With PerfectIt 3, all checking is carried out on your own computer. It never connects to a server of any kind and no information is sent anywhere. PerfectIt 3 has the option to customize your own style sheets; and you can have a different style sheet for every client you work with.

In the long term, our goal is that the two products will become more and more alike. PerfectIt 3 will have an interface that is closer to PerfectIt Cloud. PerfectIt Cloud will have the option to customize style sheets.