Free eBook: Wildcard Cookbook for MS Word

Are you getting the most you can from Microsoft Word? Wildcard search is one of the most powerful features in Word. You can use it to quickly find errors and make changes throughout a document in a matter of seconds. However, wildcards can be complicated. Even advanced users can struggle to keep track of wildcard patterns and their meaning.

The Wildcard Cookbook by Jack Lyon makes it all easier. It carefully explains what wildcards are and how to use them. Packed with detailed screenshots and instruction, it teaches you how to get the most from wildcard search and gives you the confidence to use wildcards in your work. And if coming up with wildcard patterns yourself sounds like hard work, it includes real-world examples that you can simply copy and paste.

The book is a $10 paperback. However, you can get a PDF version absolutely free by signing up to our newsletter below!

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Enhance PerfectIt’s Checking with Wildcards

To get even more from wildcard search, you can build rules into PerfectIt so that your searches run every time you use it. PerfectIt will display the results of the wildcard search; and you can click on each one to decide whether to make the change. You can store every search so you’ll never need to remember a wildcard pattern again!

This video tutorial explains how to add wildcard searches to PerfectIt:

About the Author

Jack Lyon is a book editor who got tired of working the hard way and started creating programs to automate editing tasks in Microsoft Word. He's been working in publishing since 1978 and editing on the computer since 1985. He's the founder of The Editorium and Waking Lion Press.

Jack's other books include the Macro Cookbook for MS Word. It's an essential guide to automating MS Word, and it will teach you how to work faster without any knowledge of programming required. Jack also recently co-edited the Business of Editing. This collection of essays by Richard Adin discusses the roles, tools, processes, profits, career, and future of freelance editing, providing advice for anyone who makes a living working with words.

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